a. s. h. k. e. (ashke_icons) wrote,
a. s. h. k. e.

Moving Journals

Just letting anyone who still reads this journal that I've moved my graphics to reverse_beauty. Stop by and see what I've posted :).

  • Moving Journals pt.2

    For any old faithful followers, I've made a graphics journal at wings_of_pity wings_of_pity wings_of_pity

  • Icon Dump

    02 x Dir en Grey (Kaoru) 23 x KAT-TUN 02 x Kurosagi (Yamapi) 01 x Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) 01 x Nishikido Ryo (News/Kanjani8) [x]Credit if using…

  • (no subject)

    More Textures [x]Credit if using (please) [x]No Hotlinking [x]Comments are encouraged [x]x-posted everywhere [x]Feel free to friend this journal to…

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