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5 February
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Icons by kasandara_yuy

This journal was set up for my own personal use to showcase my work. You can Friend this journal (though I won't add you back to this one...) so that you can be updated when I post new icons ^^;; You don't have to ask.


If you're taking any of my icons, please credit me for them. I post these icons for everyone to use and if you don't let someone know where the icon comes from then the sharing stops and my work is for nothing...so please please credit ^^....

Do NOT assume that icons without text are bases. If I do choose to make bases they will be marked as such. Do NOT just edit an icon and slap your text on it...

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DON'T DO IT! It's just bad and wrong and I only get so much bandwith on my Photobucket Account...


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- All other pictures are from scans friends have done for me or that have been sitting on my Hard Drive so long that their whereabouts are now unknown...if you see an Icon here that you personally scanned in the picture for then please drop me an email and let me know and I'll be happy to credit you ^^;


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animanga iconmakers are love.

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